Hamilton Southeastern Education Association
Hamilton Southeastern Education Association

ista red for ed action dayis november 19th


We are asking members to join us at the Indiana Statehouse on November 19th to remind our legislators that kids, educators and public schools need to be a priority in the upcoming General Assembly.  November 19th is Organization Day, and it is the only day that all legislators will be at the Statehouse before the start of the 2020 short session.

HSEA is offering up to seven Association Days to allow members to attend, and we also encourage those who do not receive an Association Day to take a Personal Day and attend the rally and action day..  We also welcome administrators, parents and community members to join us as we rally for our HSE students and teachers as well as others all across the state.

ISTA is asking participants to register for the day using this link:


We hope to see you there!


 Let’s continue to keep the Red for Ed momentum going by wearing our RED on Wednesdays!!  Thanks for all you do for kids! 


United State of Indiana  https://unitedstateofindiana.com/collections/educate-the-state

ISTA Red for Ed Store      https://www.hjpapparel.com/ista_redfored/shop/home

Files coming soon.